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Urine Off -  (貓犬用) 解尿素噴霧-全寵物用500ml

Urine Off - (貓犬用) 解尿素噴霧-全寵物用500ml

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Urine Off -  (貓犬用) 解尿素噴霧-全寵物用500ml

Urine Off Multi-Pet Stain & Odor Remover

Urine Off Multi-Pet Formula 不是香水掩蓋劑。Urine Off 是獸醫推薦的用於去除寵物尿液氣味和污漬的 #1 產品。過去,寵物尿液氣味和污漬幾乎無法消除。
現在,使用 Urine Off,您可以永久消除寵物的尿液氣味和污漬幾乎任何表面的尿液氣味和污漬



  • 去除舊污漬
  • 有助於加快家庭訓練
  • 消除刺鼻的氨氣味
  • 為所有大小而設計的安全配方。 非常適合籠子和貓狗舍

用 Urine-Off 浸濕弄髒的區域。讓其風乾——不要擦洗。用水少量去除殘留物並用紙巾吸乾。


用紙巾吸乾新鮮尿液。用 Urine-Off 徹底浸透尿漬和下面的襯墊——充分浸泡!
尿漬在浸入襯墊時會擴散到其表面大小的 2-4 倍。Urine-Off 必須接觸所有受尿液影響的區域去除異味和污漬。讓其風乾——不要擦洗。對於陳舊、乾燥的沉積物,可能需要在隨後幾天重複使用以分解舊的尿液結晶並去除污漬和異味。最後一次尿尿後應用, 用水輕輕沖洗小睡,然後用毛巾吸乾以去除任何殘留物。使用 Urine-Off 使該區域保持濕潤的時間越長,效果越好。弄髒的地毯或織物,直到用 Urine-去除所有氣味和污漬之後-離開。


Urine Off Multi-Pet Formula is not a perfumed cover-up. It actually eliminates and removes all three major components of urine odor and stains including proteins found in urine, leaving a refreshingly clean surface. Use to pre-treat or as a pre-spotter to remove urine before additional cleaning. Comes with a carpet applicator cap to ensure saturation of carpet and padding. Tough formula works on old stains, removing odor and old urine deposits. Perfect for cleaning carpeting, fabric and upholstery. Easy grip bottle makes cleaning easy and convenient.

You have a problem. You love your pets, but the urine smell in your house is driving you crazy! Pet urine odor is unmistakable, strong, and extremely difficult to permanently remove. Animals are sensitive creatures. Sometimes the only way they can communicate with humans is through urine! Urine Off is the #1 Veterinarian recommended product for your pet urine odor and stain removal. In the past, pet urine odor and stains were nearly impossible to eliminate. Now, with Urine Off, you can permanently eliminate your pet's urine odor and stains from virtually any surface.

Does Wonders for all Animals


  • Eliminates old stains
  • Helps speed up house training
  • Eliminates the harsh ammonia odors
  • Formulated safe for all small and large.
  • Works great for cages and kennels

General Directions

General Directions: Shake well before used. Never dilute or use with other cleaners. Always check for colorfastness of surface in a discreet spot. Remove excess wet urine with paper towel. For best results, use a black light to locate hard-to-find urine soiled areas. Saturate soiled areas with Urine-Off. Allow to air dry - do not scrub. Remove residue using water sparingly and blot with paper towel.


Directions for Carpet

Remove fresh urine by blotting with paper towels. Thoroughly saturate urine stain and underlying padding with Urine-Off - soak generously! Urine stains spread 2-4 times their surface size as it soaks into padding. Urine-Off must contact all urine-affected areas to remove odor and stain. Allow to air dry - do not scrub. For old, dried deposits, it may be necessary to repeat application on subsequent days to break down old urine crystals and remove stain and odor. After final Urine-Off application, rinse nap sparingly with water and blot with absorbent towel to remove any residue. The longer the area stays moist with Urine-Off the better the results will be. Plastic wrap may be used to slow evaporation and allow it to work longer. Never shampoo urine soiled carpet or fabric until after all odors and stains have been removed with Urine-Off.