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Applaws相信讓寵物食品很重要。這就是APPLAWS所做的一切。APPLAWS相信並信賴以最優質原料開始的食物的美味。他稱之為天然簡潔 - 沒有任何人工添加或隱藏,沒有顏色,味道或防腐劑 - 只是保證採用最高道德標準的成分。

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承諾絕不使用廉價和不必要的添加劑來填充我們的乾糧 *承諾使用最好的胸肉或魚片 *承諾只使用最高水平和質量的動物蛋白 *承諾只使用列出的成分,而不是隱藏

Product Recall on Applaws UK Dry Cat Food Latest Update – Friday 6th August 2021 (Applaws貓糧回收

Applaws welcome the additional publicity for June’s recall of certain Applaws dry cat food products by the manufacturer, Fold Hill Foods Limited as it’s important the recall continues to be widely heard by cat owners across the UK. Even though the FSA has not, to date, confirmed a definitive link between the rise in cases of Feline Pancytopenia, and the food brands recalled in June, It’s clear from the data published bi-weekly by the Royal Veterinary College the publicity over the last seven weeks has led to a significant fall in reported cases of Feline Pancytopenia. The team here at Applaws continues to be deeply appreciative of the work at the Food Standards Agency, Royal Veterinary College and cat owners themselves have done to accelerate our understanding of what happened. Some of the media reports over the past 24 hours haven’t been as accurate as they could have been, about which products were voluntarily withdrawn by Fold Hill Foods in June – and we know from your emails that’s led to some confusion. We’d like to remind consumers that: All the Applaws dry cat food varieties recalled bear the manufacturing code GB218E5009 and cover all Best Before Dates The full list of the seven recalled varieties can be found here on the FSA’s website – All recalled Applaws products were made in the UK for the UK – no other Applaws lines are affected, including the same varieties with other manufacturing codes or those outside the UK If they still have a pack bearing this UK manufacturing code, they should stop using it and return the affected product to the retailer where it was purchased for a full refund. The team at Applaws continues to work with the FSA to help them conclude their investigations as quickly as possible. Alongside all concerned pet owners, we know how important those investigations are to everyone involved. Any Applaws consumer who has additional questions can get in touch with us here Previous updates Product Recall Information – Wednesday 16th June 2021 Updated Product Recall Information – Thursday 17th June 2021 Updated Statement – Tuesday 22nd June 2021 Updated FSA Statement – Thursday 1st July 2021 The team at Applaws is incredibly grateful for the unprecedented effort from the Food Standards Agency to identify the cause of the spike in cases of Feline Pancytopenia. We’re also deeply appreciative of the role played by many cat owners on social media to try and help accelerate our understanding of the cause of the problem. While there continues to be much we don’t know, we’ll continue to work hard to fully understand precisely what happened. You can find the updated FSA statement here: Updated FSA Statement – Friday 16th July 2021 There’s been a short update from the FSA today which you can find here – The team here at Applaws is deeply appreciative of the significant ongoing effort from the Food Standards Agency, Royal Veterinary College and cat owners to accelerate our understanding of what occurred. It goes without saying, we’re continuing to assist the FSA and RVC in the efforts to discover the cause of the rise in cases of feline pancytopenia. Our contact centre at remains open to any Applaws customer. We continue to urge anyone who bought the dry cat food products listed here to follow the FSA’s guidance. Recall is on any of the UK Applaws Dry Cat Food products with that site manufacturing code – GB218E5009 – on the pack. Please return the affected product to the retailer where you bought it from for a full refund.